etc Summer 2014 Courses and September Workshop

ΠΑΙΔΕΙΑ 🕔04/05/2014 - 12:19 | Author: Newsroom Ipaidia

From July 3-18 we offer our EFL METHODOLOGY UPDATE COURSE, with options of attending the first 4, 6 or all 10 sessions From September 1-6 we offer the first part of our EFL METHODOLOGY UPDATED and from September 8-11, the second part: INTEGRATED SKILLS FOR TEACHING PROFESSIONALS, for those working in challenging situations who wish to further develop their skills On Sunday, September 7, we are offering the "Voice: Your Excellence in Teaching"

Workshop, an 8-hour voice training, pronunciation and intonation practice workshop for English language teachers with Irene Theotokatou. Attached is the ETC Summer 2014 program Best wishes for a cool summer, Suzanne and Lilika


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